How I Wore It: French Inspired Stripes

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cute right? And oh so doable. Well, less the hat and belt. I'm all about zero fuss. Here's my take on this french inspired ensemble...

t-shirt - H&M, skirt - thrift store, boots - estate sale
Super frizzy hair, lack of lipstick and messy boys' room just goes to show that I snapped these pics in a hurry AND that life is more than fashion. However, I do believe that when you feel good about what you're wearing, your outlook on the day is much better. Plus, I'm still trying to woo that sexy husband of mine so I can't wear sweats every day! 

Do you feel better about yourself and the day if you like what you're wearing? Confidence booster or too much trouble? xo


  1. I absolutely love stripes and have a top on now that I have had for years. It is my uniform so to speak. I think it makes me feel closer to the sea.
    I think looking one's best always makes one feel better.
    You look great - frizzy hair and all :)

  2. are the best!
    and so so pretty.

    I have the same shirt on today :) Love when i learn new ways to wear what I have!

  3. you are so lovely! i like how you rocked the stripes better than the taylor swift look alike- xo hommie!


  4. pve - thanks sweetie. can be my uniform at times too! xo

    meg - ahhh, twinkies and didn't even know it! and you are the pretty one. xo

    alli - my sweet lovely friend...thank YOU! xo

  5. you are so darned cute! love your effortless style. you're a natural beauty.


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