Weekly Challenge: Find The Perfect Lipstick

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nude. Natural. Fresh. That's what I'm looking for in a good everyday lipstick. Something that looks fresh, but also put together versus the disheveled, aging soccer mom. So, I go into the beauty stores and do "the test". You know the one... you color half your arm in a myriad of pinky hues and all you end up with is a rainbow of wrong colors. Ugh. Why does this have to be so hard? 
I'm sure you've heard the same seasonal one liners I have - "This red looks great on all skin tones." Lie. (I have yet to find a red that looks good with my pink undertones.) "Sparkle makes you look old." Lie. (Not all shimmers are created equal in my humble opinion.) "Orange is the new red." Really? For who? "This season it's all about the bright pink lip." Hmmm.  But I don't even care about all that. I just want a good lipstick that conditions my lips and makes me look, well, un-zombie like. 
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I should also mention (again) that I'm thrifty. I don't want to pay $20+ for a tube of lipstick. I mean really... Is it necessary for lipstick to cost that much? (If you think you've found a lipstick that warrants said hefty price tag, please enlighten me.) And one more teeny tiny thing, I'd like it to go with summer hair and a little date night sparkle. Dang! I'm picky huh?

I came real close to success with a color from Revlon called Just Enough Buff, but I'm worried that it is either too bare or too peachy. So now I come to you. Got any good basic go to colors? Help a disheveled zombie mom out. xo


  1. lipstick is stressful (I know, first world problems). I usually apply lip liner on my lips then add my lip balm on top. It works for me.


  2. Try Wet'n Wild 361s "Peachy Keen".
    Pretty and cheap. Perfect. Hope u like it too.

  3. i love all burts bees lip products. they have different shades, some with sparkles and they condition your lips and are cheap! but they dont stay on very long, which sucks. the color im using now is burts bees lip shimmer in fig. adds just enough color. im with you on the lipstick thing. it stresses me out so i just stay with burts.

  4. I was just going to say burts bees too. They have tinted chapstick, lipgloss..all in neutral tones.

  5. i was going to say burts bees tints too!!

  6. Ok, so you guys are the shiz! Totally! Love it. I'm going to do a second post on this because I got some great advice from my MIL. Tried Burts...don't know if I'm sold. Haven't tried Wet 'n Wild yet, but she might be next on my list!

    Thanks ladies. xoxoxo


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