Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Pocket Pucker

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

As an avid thrifter, I've become numb to the minor imperfections I find in clothes, accessories and home goods. Most of the time those little imperfections are what make me like the item all the more. But when it comes to jeans... they've gotta fit well.

I've had a pair of Old Navy white slim leg jeans in my closet for years. They have a stretch to the fabric which makes them really comfy (and also promotes the occasional butt crack sighting when not worn with a belt). The down side to this $5.00 steal? Unsightly pocket pucker. Ick. Since Spring is here, I figured I'd finally fix these bad boys and show you how to do it yourself.
 First - press your pockets so that they are really flat
 Next - pin your pockets shut (yeah, shut. you still have your back pockets so it'll be ok - promise)
Tip - find a thread that most closely matches the stitching on your jeans. When I'm at estate sales I grab a bag or two of thread if the price is right. You never know when you'll need that awkward ochre shade.
Next - stitch the pocket down with your machine on top of the pocket topstitch (go slow to get the curve just right)
Lastly - snip your loose thread and enjoy... pucker free! (if you want to remove the inside pocket bulk, you can cut it off since they're really faux pockets now)
Bam! Pocket pucker be gone. I'm so glad I finally did this. They fit great now and it took all of 30 minutes (max). Next week I'll show you how to take a straight leg to a skinny jean.

I know a lot of ladies stay away from the white (shows everything) jean. Do you dare? xo


  1. So smart! Never thought about doing that. Who uses their front pockets anyway? Thanks for the post!


  2. Great tutorial.
    Now if they only still sold that fit of jeans there! You probably don't follow me on twitter, but last week I tweeted from the dressing room that I have broken up with skinny jeans!!

    Bootcut too for that matter!
    More on this to come.


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