Thank You (Part 2)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to part 2 of my homage to Jimmy Fallon's genius "Thank You" letters. When life hands you a big bag a crap, you just need a giggle or two...

Thank you, breast feeding...
for turning my boobs into saggy little socks with rocks.

Thank you, swimsuit designers...
for putting underwire in swimsuits for all us gravity challenged mommies.

Thank you, ginormous living room picture window...
for providing endless opportunities for all my friends to make fools of themselves on their runs and walks in an effort to make me laugh.

Thank you, five year old brain...
for wondering what would happen if you put a finger into a pencil sharpener and turn it.

Thank you, sprinkler...
for turning my front yard into the best white trash waterpark ever.

Happy Weekend homies. xo


  1. Laughing so hard right now!! Especially the breastfeeding part. My children left me in a sad state, but still I celebrate!! I almost feel empowered when I

  2. oops, incomplete thought!! I almost feel empowered with what I have living in the world of faux anatomy.


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