Around the House: Thrifted Treasure

Monday, August 5, 2013

From most, myself included, a set of four vintage plates with a stellar design is a total score. Especially when all four plates totalled $4.00. However, with a slight change in perspective I find myself viewing these four plates as much much more. A thrifted treasure...

Having a need for plates means that I am blessed with food. Four plates mean that I have family or friends to share meals with. Even with just two plates, I have someone to share my thoughts with - or a date night with my husband. And with one I have a message board to remind myself and/or others of truth and love. 
At every angle, these four thrifted plates are a blessing as long as I view them as more than just a good deal. And that friends, is the best deal. xo


  1. Let's go thrifting together soon! I miss you!! September date - put it on your calendar :)

  2. these look great! beautiful treasure :)

    1. thanks lady - I consider that a major compliment coming from you - thrift queen! xo


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