A Little Can Go A Long Way

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let's talk labels. It's not something I do very often because quite frankly, I could give a rat's. But when it comes to thrift shopping, labels matter. Why? Because if it's a good label, you know it's well made. If you're under 30, chances are you may not know some of these labels... bare with me. Adrienne Vittadini. Brooks Brothers. Department Store Brands like Gianni Bini and Antonio Melani. Or the basics like Banana Republic. When an item is made well, it generally last for a long time. And when it comes to tailored items, I'm always willing to spend a bit more if the label is good.

My girlfriend Rachel and I went shopping for Fall goodies a few weeks back and she hit the mother load. Four pairs of shoes, one tote bag, two shirts, three sweaters, one pair of shorts, one skirt, one dress and three jackets. She almost walked away from two of the jackets, but I convinced her to do otherwise. (I think my exact words were something along the lines of, "if you don't get these jackets, you're crazy!") It all came down to price. Doesn't it always? And here's where you have to think it through, if the item is well made and a classic then you should put back a few trendy items instead of the classic. Trust me on this. A jacket or a pair of shoes that can be worn several times and spiced up a million different ways will always get you more milage than a trendy tee or skirt. Always!

(y'all, I almost cried when these boots weren't my size. they don't look like much here, but they are amazing on.)
You want to try and guess her total for all this? Go ahead. I dare you... A whopping $75.00. That's right. She basically got her Fall wardrobe for under 100 bucks. You guys, there are deals to be had out there. Check out your local Salvation Army or Goodwill stores. Check out resale shops of all kinds - I love Buffalo Exchange, but there are also some really great jackets and shoes at some of the "older lady" shops to be had for a steal. Give it a try and if your first few attempts are failures, don't give up. They get in new stuff daily. xo

(Side note - it's always good to go thrifting with a friend who wears different sizes or has a slightly different aesthetic than you. This prevents garment hiding and hanger beatings in the stores. It also preserves the friendship. You can actually shop for your friend and yourself at the same time - teamwork.)


  1. Boots really look good. Thanks for this blog post. It was nice reading

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  2. SHHHHHHHH!!! You're telling all our secrets :)

  3. I'm crying. Crying up here in Toronto. I love a good thrifting session, but I cry with joy and envy at amazing thrifting. :)

  4. I'm sorry, but seriously, is that a cute fox blouse?? And those gold shoes...and the brown leather ones... I have to stop scrolling back...


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