Around the House: Baby It's Cold Outside

Monday, November 25, 2013

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Fall finally arrived in Dallas and within 2-3 days, Winter blew in right after it. Brrrr... Cold weather always has me craving soup and wearing comfy bundled clothes made of various knits and cashmere. Though I am a far cry from Martha Stewart, Winter inspires me to bake and crochet. I mean, that's what people do when it's 20 degrees outside and the wind blows so hard that it cuts right through you... right? And then just when I get to thinkin' I can actually start doing some of these wintery traditions, a strong south wind blows in and it's 60 degrees again. Texas. You've gotta love it.

One of the ways I mock up a wintery scene in our home is via the fireplace. It isn't a working fireplace right now so we have loads of candles inside of it. It doesn't put off much heat, but it warms my soul. What evokes winter in your home? 


  1. beautiful collection! we definitely have a lot of fires in winter. and I'm a lot more likely to hibernate indoors :)

    1. thanks lady. glad i'm not alone in my hibernation. xo


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