Around the House: Christmas Past

Monday, December 2, 2013

Looking back through old Christmas decor photos like the one above, I've realized two things:

1. Decor is kind of like school photos. You think everything looks great until you look back several years later.
2. I am insanely grateful for Pinterest and all the creative bloggers out there. Big shout outs to all the people that have kept me inspired throughout the years. Y'all are wicked talented. And you're WAY too numerous to list.

Here's a look at my Christmas decor over the past 5 years...

Tinsel tree - don't get me wrong, I love the tree mucho; it's the poor placement and bad photography that gets me. Yikes. I guess decor isn't the only thing that's gotten better with time.
Green Tree - a look at the old house with my beloved tree stump idea from Something's Hiding in Here on the left and the new house last year on the right. New and Improved.
Table Top - last year's blowout birthday celebration for my big 40. That tabletop is still a fave. It was perfect in every way - from the decor to the company.
And for all you DIYers - here's an old pipe cleaner goodie...
Wow, that was kind of like looking through my old High School yearbook. I little bit painful and a whole lot of fun. Have you ever looked back at old Christmas photos? What made you gasp and then die laughing - hair? sweaters? gifts? old boyfriend? xo

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