Paper Gifts for A Dollar - Not Kidding.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello. My name is Brooke and I'm a Target, Dollar Spot addict. It's not my fault really. They put those isles right there in the front of the store. And they sing to me with their alluring siren's song. What's worse... I have to go by them in order to get into the store. Dang it. Those Target folks are genius.

If you have a few paper lovers on your Christmas gift list, be sure to stop here. They have really cute stuff right now - for a DOLLAR. Like the playing Camping Cards above. I die. Not into cards? How about notebooks or sticky note pads for the friend who has to write everything down? So cute.

Have a little one on your list that loves to color? Take a look at these adorable color creations from Crayola (not in the Dollar Spot, but still $1.00). They would make a great stocking stuffer.
And what about all those gifts that need gift tags for the much needed "To" and "From" details? Why not buy a scrapbook notepad for $2.99 and get 15-30 gift tags out of one notepad? Seriously - Genius.
Inside the notebooks lie a vast array of beautiful prints for gift tags and card making...
I know. You've gotta go... Target is calling. Me too. xo


  1. Yes, all great ideas! I once gave all the teachers notepads from Tar-jay with their monogram on it!! I wrapped everything up all cutesy, cutesy on a dime and it looked like a million!

    Great eye, friend!

    1. love it! Did you happen to do a post on it? I'd love to see it and maybe copy it. ha ha ha. xo

  2. dang!! guess i'm going to have to check the dollar section next time i hit up target.

    1. right? sorry girl. tell the hubs it's all my fault. xo

  3. Just picked up some of these cards, pads and pens for teacher gifts ! Thanks for the idea!


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