Around the House: A Look Back at Christmas Dinner

Monday, January 6, 2014

There are those moments in life where you reach certain milestones that just, in all honesty, require a self-given pat on the back. That happened to me over Christmas. Y'all, I cooked the entire Christmas dinner myself - with the exception of my Mom's help with the sweet potatoes. Turkey and all. Me - the self-professed kitchen hater. And guess what else? It was good. I mean really good. Can I get a what what?
And while everything was cooking, I knocked out this table setting that I'm kind of in love with...
2013 was a year full of firsts - some really good and some I never want to relive. The first holidays without my Dad are behind us now and while there was a deep void, new memories were made and there were proud moments as well. So let me say it one more time, just because it feels so dang good... y'all, I cooked Christmas dinner, turkey and all! Here's to the new year with new memories and lots of proud moments for us all! xo


  1. the tablescape is lovely and perfectly you. i hope one day i can sit at your table and cry and laugh and eat. bravo on making the turkey and fixings...see not so hard after all. have you read bread & wine yet? if not, check it out!
    thinking of you a lot over the holidays, knowing there would be hard and sad moments. love and peace to you, my friend.

  2. So impressive!! Beautiful table, too.

  3. Did you hear my hands clapping and my "woo hoo" hooing over your wonderful self. That table and all your doings make life full of love.


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