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Friday, January 10, 2014

Valentine's is just around the corner and I thought I'd give us all a little jumpstart with a Friday DIY! You down? Ok then... grab your fabric paints and let get this party started.

I have loved the Creme de la Creme sweatshirt ever since I saw Miss Atlantic-Pacific rock it a year or so ago. It's so fun and basic all at the same time. And that's pretty much how I like all of my clothes - fun and basic. But no matter how much I love this sweatshirt, I'm not paying almost $200 for it. Sorry.
I came across a basic Hanes sweatshirt in grey at the thrift store not long ago and I was thinking it needed a little pick me up. Inspired by the upcoming holiday celebrating love, I thought "More Amour" would be the perfect phrase to give my sweatshirt that certain extra something - je ne sais quoi.

Materials Needed:
fabric paint
letters/stamps (I'm using foam letters from the Dollar Tree)
flat surface (I use the glass from an old picture frame)
disappearing ink
small paint brush
step 1: mark your lines for your words
step 2: roll out your paint onto your flat surface with your brayer
step 3: paint each letter with the brayer and stamp it onto your sweatshirt
step 4: with a paintbrush, fill in any areas within your applied letters that didn't get enough paint
step 5: heat set your paint by ironing
So easy right? I can't wait to rock this over the weekend with some ripped jeans or cargo pants. And since it's the weekend, I'll have to pair it with some cute trainers or chucks too. Maybe I'll add a little sparkle the closer it get's to Valentine's Day.

Happy Weekend Homies. How would you rock this sweatshirt? xo


  1. Cute idea! I love it. I just discovered your site, and I'll be back :)

    1. Hi Breanna! So glad you found me. Glad you like what you see. xo


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