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Monday, March 17, 2014

First impressions are everything right? If that's true, and I'm pretty sure it is, then I want people to feel welcome the minute they drive up to my home and knock on the door. In fact, for many, I'd like them to skip the knocking and come on in. That is warmth, familiarity and inviting. I want that for my home.

That "before" picture above is somewhat welcoming, but not our vision for what we knew this home of ours could be. Since it's been warm out and my FIL had just wrapped a job, the hubs asked him to come down to Texas for some family time and a much needed facelift on the front of our home. This is a glimpse of what has been completed to date: old siding ripped down, cedar installed, beams covered, stain, new house numbers and a fresh coat of paint on the mailbox. Basically their part is almost finished and now it's time for me to add the accessories. 

Here's the progress we've made so far, via iphone...
Accessories provide the warmth and welcoming feelings that I hope to achieve. Plants, Tiffany blue painted door, light fixture and door mat. We're doing native plants in the beds; mostly cactus that require very little water and a few rocks to add depth and more texture. I had originally hoped for a big beautiful fiddle leaf fig in the front right corner by the front door, but it's Texas and I fear the heat would death. (Either that or my brown thumb.) Now I'm thinking I might need to play it safe and go with a snake plant.
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I love that door mat. Funny huh? Feeling a DIY on that bad boy. And maybe I'll add some color to my cream plant pot. Hmm... I'm so excited. We are getting so close. Now if Spring would just show up and stay around a bit longer so that our grass can go back to it's lovely shade of green instead of brown. That would be the cherry on top!

Happy Monday y'all. xo

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