Around The House: From Coffee Cup to Bedroom

Monday, March 29, 2010

When Domino magazine was around, each issue contained an editorial piece that started a little something like this, "Can this ____ be turned into a room?" The answer, "Yes! Yes it can!" Take this sweet little coffee cup from Anthropologie for example. I received it as a birthday gift several years ago and fell in love! So much so, that I unknowingly designed my bedroom around it. The colors, bird, twig and snowflake on the back have all been incorporated. I guess my cup flowith over!

The yellow inside the cup and the bird were translated via Dwell pillowcases. 

The snowflake on the back of the cup inspired a flash of pink via my vintage chair as well as the starburst mirror and snowflake in the center of my vintage bedspread.

Little touches here and there incorporate the design of the coffee cup even further. There are touches of red and gold in addition to tree branches and circles.

Since my youngest is going to move in with his big brother soon, maybe I'll try this again in our soon to be guest/craft room. The inspiration this time around will be my favorite vintage robe. The colors and the print are intoxicating! What do you think? Will you give this a go with one of your favorite items? xo

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