Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Discarded Furniture

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's no secret that I drive through neighborhoods on bulk trash days to dig through other poeple's trash or that I frequent estate sales and thrift stores. When it comes to getting a good deal or finding that special piece, I'll go to almost any length. And yes, I have once gone through a dumpster, oops, make that twice. But when you look at what people are throwing away or donating to charity, why on earth would you  buy new? I know, I know, it's convenient and easy. That's like saying, "sweats are comfortable. That's why I wear them everyday!" Don't settle for bologna when you could be eating steak. These discarded treasures are awaiting a fresh coat of paint, a little TLC and a bit of elbow grease to unleash their hidden potential. It's worth it - take a look!

I adore this children's kitchen by Vintage Songbird so much that I want to make one for my boys! Real men cook and do dishes - right?

Squirrelpearl took an old chest of drawers, legs off of a footstool and created a masterpiece! I love the ruler at the top. Genius!

Before and Afters via Design*Sponge

Before and Afters via Design*Sponge

This is amazing stuff right? And these lovely pieces were deemed unworthy of someone's home! WHAT? The ugly duckling is a beautiful swan after all!

from this

to this!

Don't know where to start? Look at the shape of the piece and it's construction. If it has "good bones" all it needs is a facelift! For a step-by-step tutorial go here! I think these results all warrant the effort. And when all your friends ask where you found that amazing piece - well, you've got a great story to tell. xo


  1. yes! real men do help with the dishes and the cooking. if my boys don't leave the house with those skills...i'm a failure. :)

  2. Hi, just found you're site.Enjoying your posts (= I always love a good furniture redo! It's amazing what people will just throw away. When we lived on an air force base people would always just put things they didn't want on the curb and it was first come first serve. At first he complained but after sprucing up a few pieces I won him over and he started joining the hunt. And yes I know real men cook-mine is much better than me in some ways. It's nice not to be the only chef in the family!


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