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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have you ever tried to use a paper plate at a picnic? Pathetic. Yes, I am aware that Chinette has made huge advancements in the throw-away plate, but I would much rather use vintage Melmac. Paper plates are good for one thing - crafts. I don't know that I would have ever realized this if it weren't for my oldest's teachers at his Pre-K school. One, they are genius. Two, they must buy paper plates in bulk because they use them all the time.  The best part about doing crafts with paper plates? You can recycle them afterwards and the projects are pretty quick.  This helps for those of us with kids whom have the attention span of a gnat! Here are some ideas for you to try at home with your kiddos.

The Sun: (or other planets)

a "fact pocket" was created by cutting a paper plate in half and stapling it to another paper plate

we used this as an opportunity to learn more about the universe/God's creations

cut out the round center of the plates and color gold, silver and bronze for medals (they used gold glitter and tin foil as well)  this was a great moment to teach about winning, losing and having fun! (My oldest is very competitive.)

color, fold and staple (add ribbon to tie onto head)
Mr. Grumpasaurus

A few quick and easy crafts to do this Summer while trying to beat the heat. It's over 100 degrees in Dallas right now and we don't see much relief in sight; so you can pretty much bet we'll be doing more of these projects. Well, that and playing in our plastic kiddie pool in the backyard. What are some things you're doing to beat the heat? Do you have any paper plate crafts you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you! xo


  1. Great for mobiles. The universe, or my favorite is photos of family/friends/places in each side, hung above the bed - so when falling to sleep or waking the see the special photos.
    Love the medals idea!


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