Around the House: A Dose of Industrial Storage

Monday, November 29, 2010

There are several trends that I am overly smitten with right now and this is one of them - industrial touches throughout the house. Unexpected. Dreamy. And a touch masculine. Perfect.

murphy bed (LOVE!)

bedside table (trash never looked so good)

Kind of makes you want to run to your nearest office salvage or Army/Navy shop, right? Is there any trend you're loving right now? Happy Monday! I'm still happily stuffed. How about you? xo


  1. Great post, full of ideas! I love idustrial touches in the house and the inox trash can used as a bedside table is super!

  2. Awesomesauce! Looove the garbage can bedroom (which is what I would call it - "It's in the Garbage Can Bedroom Honey!!!")

  3. Industrial is a cool look.
    I'm loving the retro style and want to blend in some of the old school accessories and furniture into my house. Iv realised its easier to embrace the era your house is from than fight it!

  4. Love it all, huge fan of industrial

  5. I'm really starting to love industrial touches in the home - which is lucky as it fits in with my plans of buying only second-hand furniture for our home renovation. I love the shelves in the first picture and the dustbin bedside table is fab too. Thanks for sharing x x

  6. Such a lovely post. I posted a bit of vintage metal on my own blog yesterday.



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