You Had Me at "Drive-In"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just when I thought my hubs couldn't get any better he took the day off from work last week and kept the boys so that I could get some sewing done. But he didn't stop there. The next night he surprised me with my most favorite date night of all time!  We went to a drive-in movie! I didn't even know they still had those things. Thankfully... they do! And this one comes with Electric Lady Land Mini Golf too! Say what?  Is this heaven? Pretty stinkin' close!

drive on up, get your tickets and drive on in - love it
once parked, we popped the hatch, put the seats back and set up our "nest"
the snacks
our view before the movie began
our pathetic, but funny, attempt at a pic
my favorite shot from the night because it looks like little foxes dancing in the dark

And if all of that isn't reason enough to make this your next date night - they have the police car from the Dukes of Hazzard there! Seriously, this was one of the best dates EVER! And while we've been told (and believe) you can't do movies for dates, this works because it takes a while to get there. We had great conversations on the way there and back. Win. Win. Win.

What's the best date you've ever had? xo


  1. Oh I LOVE this!!!! How fun!!!! I was telling my kids about Drive-Ins and they couldn't get it;)))

    Super fun date you guys!
    I need a date. I need to look for a Drive-in. How far are you away from Alberta, Canada?
    Have a wonderful new week!!!

  2. ok your husband is super...what a fun evening out!

  3. Awesome, your husband knows you well. So nice to see you're easy to please. Love Posie

  4. How fun!! Tom and I did this for my bday this past summer! it was so much fun! we have been talking about doing it again soon since its colder and we could snuggle up! (maybe that was my idea...)

  5. I love it! We will definitely be trying it out someday soon! ;)

  6. Where is this amazing drive-in? - Jennifer

  7. is this the one in ennis?! mine & chase's most memorable & fun date was there on our way back from a weekend with our families for Easter! we stopped on our way back to College Station & saw Meet the Robinson's. My heart is pitter pattering thinking about it! :)

  8. What fun!! I've never been to the drive-ins before - not sure if any are still running here but we do have outdoor cinemas.

  9. Ladies - this awesome drive-in is in Ennis, Texas. Not too far from Dallas. xo

    Thanks for all the awesome and sweet comments! xo

  10. so fun. I heart drive-ins! Too bad they are basically extinct in CA. boo-hoo! I must say, even though you don't get to chat, my hubby and love to go on movie dates. It takes us back to the old days I guess!


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