Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Socks

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's inevitable. Every dryer eats them. So, your bound to have a few single, lonely socks in your drawer hoping to be reunited with it's mate. It's time you take that sock and toss it or do something fun. Here's a few ideas.

door draft snake (this one will take a knee sock!)

chirp chirp (so cute)

sock and glove animals book (amazing!)

Here's a great one for the tree using ideas from the above mentioned book:

Cute right? I know. I'm hoping to have the time to make a few little sock animals for kiddos to decorate at my oldest's school Christmas party and then give them to those in need. Now, go ahead - go! I know you're dying to rummage through your drawers to see what lone-ranger awaits a make-over! Have fun. xo


  1. oh my, I might have to ask my dryer to eat a few socks for me;-) love all of those!

  2. I love the door draft snake. Might go looking for a long pair of stipey socks just to make this. SO cute!


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