Dr. Seuss and Teachable Moments

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teaching a six year old to be humble and love himself can be a tricky thing. They're kind of polar opposite struggles, but easily fit hand in hand. I hear a lot of, "I'm the best soccer player on my team." AND "I can play basketball really well." Some days it can go on and on. On the flip side I also hear, "I wish my feet were as big as so and so." OR "I don't like my hair." Yes, I'm aware that he's six, but I want him to be confident and have a humble heart. I want both my boys to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. So in addition to our bible stories, I have enlisted the help of Dr. Seuss and his wonderful characters found in Yertle the Turtle to drive the point home.

The Big Brag tells the tale of two critters fighting over who's the best. Awesomeness! When asked who he'd rather be, the bear or the bunny, Jude knew right away that both weren't very fun to be around, nor were they honoring the Lord and how He created them.

Gertrude McFuzz was the perfect antidote for comparison. I tell my boys all the time that God made them perfect and special just as they are and that every Batman needs a Robin. Sweet Gertrude finally accepts that single lonely little feather on her backside and stops comparing herself to Lolla Lee Lou. Priceless.

Humility and Confidence... I'll take a double dose of each thanks. xo
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