Weekly Challenge: Surf Less

Friday, June 3, 2011

I thought I'd challenge myself to see how much I could get done this week if I spent less time in front of the computer.

Good Answer: A lot!  I had so much fun creating and getting things done.
Bad Answer: A lot! What does that say about how much time I waste in front of this thing? Yikes.

Laundry - 7 loads folded and put away.
Dishes - 5 washes done and put up.
Meals - well...you can't do everything!
Paint - one new table for my entryway, to be revealed later and lots of jars.

Playdates - 2, one for the littles and two for me. (What can I say? My bestie and I have kids the same age!)
Crafts - 3 painting successes. One with the littles and two for me.
Art - 1 tee-shirt framed - this was a looooong time coming. 17 years!
Office - cleaned up and ready for sewing projects.
Office closet - organized. finally!

I got all of this done while managing to post here and at Faith blogs; feeding, bathing and entertaining the family; pack for San Diego; and love on some friends. Now one question remains, how much surfing is okay? I think the key word for me is...moderation!

Happy Weekend. Me and the fam are off to visit friends in San Diego. xo
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