Weekly Challenge: Scare The Hubs

Friday, July 1, 2011

Maybe it all started with Monster Mania Monday. Or maybe my husband started it by trying to scare the boys (in a fun way, not a lifelong scarring way). I'm not really sure, but whatever the origin, this week I was bound and determined to scare the hubs.

Here's a look at Monster Mania Monday:

Movie - Monsters, Inc.
Legos - Build your own scary monster.
Cookies - Monster sized cookes with monster faces and claw prints.
Color - color Monsters.

Scare the Hubs Attempts:

office - FAIL.
coming home for lunch - (the boys and I hid in the closet) minor success!
text - success! Me: Rrraawrrr. Boo! Him: You scared me.

Now I'm very aware that three attempts does not a successful challenge make, but I will have you know that it's a long holiday weekend. Mwuhhh haa haa haaa! We will be at my sister's lakehouse and the challenge will be in full swing! I'm so excited to see my man jump! ha ha ha.

Happy 4th of July and happy long weekend. May it be full of adventure, love and laughter. xo

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