Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Heel Height

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sometimes this little series deviates from the norm and takes an unexpected turn. Today is one of those times. Why? Because it's hard to always find something worthy of posting for this little series. Because I like to shake things up. Because I'm just a wee bit frustrated...
Why, oh why, is the super high heel the mark of a cute ensemble these days? I mean, I can't see myself taking my littles to school or to a park in high heels. Much less grocery shopping or running errands. It just doesn't fit. I enjoy looking good and feeling good about myself - so that my focus moves onto others and not on myself or my feet that are killing me.  Long live the flat and the woman bold/brave enough to rock 'em!

Here are my Fall FLAT pics:
toms (any Tom's will do)
a good pair of brown flat boots

classic oxfords

Can someone out there please start a style blog for Mommies? Seriously. xo
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