Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving Tree

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I love any reason to give thanks. In fact, that is pretty much how we start every prayer in this remembering the ways God has blessed us and thanking Him for those blessings. It cultivates a heart of gratitude; one that I pray I am sowing into my children's hearts. And since Thanksgiving is all about "thanks" why not display the many reasons we have to be thankful? Hello Thanksgiving Tree.

My oldest is doing this at church as well, so we're tag teamin' this season. So far, he's thankful for God, Jesus, food and most recently..."oxygen". Pretty good huh? Leave it to a little to remember the big stuff.

For our tree, I'm using tags that I soaked in coffee to "age."

 Now that the tags are dry, I'm stamping a reason to be thankful on a tag each day until Thanksgiving.

Once Thanksgiving is here, this little tree of ours will be full of blessings. That's gonna be cool. xo

PS - can you count how many times I said "thanks" or "thanksgiving" in this post? ha ha ha Oh well, 'tis the season. Right?
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