Weekly Challenge: Be Present

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dishes. I've done them thousands of times. Sometimes with a happy heart, but mostly grumbling and hurried. Too often, I forget the blessings of food, running water, a family to care for and a God whose given me more than I deserve.

Since being sick a little over a week ago, I hadn't really gotten back into my routine of running our ship smoothly. I had been drifting through my days. Just trying to get through them. Yuck. Where is the joy in that? Each day passed without a memory in place of why it was a gift. In my determination to be present and aware of the blessings that surround me, I found there can be joy in doing the most mundane of tasks... Like the dishes, because I am serving God by serving my family (and it looks nicer, which makes me feel better). Pretty sure that's what some call a win. win.

Instead of my usual... "You guys go play outside; it's lovely." - while I worked on the computer - I joined my boys and memories were made. Moments became special again. Picking weeds from the garden, throwing frisbees, attacking bubbles and making pinwheels were seen as opportunities to pour into my guys rather than ways to kill time.

Choosing to be present reminded me of the gift known as life - marriage, family, friends and everything in between. Is it hard? Yes! Often. But when I choose to engage, to be present, it's so much more rich and suddenly everything becomes worth it's weight in gold. 

Have a wonderful weekend homies...go discover your own goldmine! xo
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