Whatever It Takes

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last week I was willing to do whatever it took to keep my littles entertained without the TV. When the flu abounds and the TV starts to make you a little crazy, you start getting resourceful. I grabbed paper, paints, clipboards and rubberbands; then I let their imaginations soar.

And yes, I believe that all crafting must be done with dum dum suckers! The boys agree. One of the best things about this project was getting to see how unique and different my boys are in everything they do. I mean I know this already, but their personalities really shined through in their approaches to painting. My youngest was all over the place and just wanted to crazy paint - typical. My oldest was very meticulous and wanted each "section" to be a different color and very tidy. 

And, it almost brought me to tears when my oldest asked, "Mom, are we painting like Mondrian? You know the guys that did the lines and the blue, yellow and red." My reply?  "Yeah, sorta. Wow, you're so smart! How did you remember that? " Ahhh, happy moments. 

What have your littles shown you lately? xo 
(PS, My youngest now has "the flute." Good times.)


  1. Brooke,
    lovely little artists! I do hope you will have a gallery with all of there work.
    Just beautiful~

  2. genius! Love the rubber band idea. Always looking for new crafts...especially with our temps this week

  3. you are such a creative momma and i love how you are getting the littles involved:) hope they feel better!

    xo hommie!

  4. pve - working on that gallery girlie! xo

    julia - bundle up little lady and get those sweet junior picassos painting! xo

    allison - thx friend. hope you and pirate have a great babymoon. xo


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