Around the House: Mid-Century Room Divider

Monday, October 14, 2013

Patience (and a commitment to our budget) recently paid off in a BIG way. It seems that when it comes to rummaging and bulk trash digs, I score the little items and the hubs scored the major pieces. Remember the light up sign he found while on location for a shoot in Grapevine of all places? Well, he's recently one-upped himself times two. Not only did he score two pull-down vintage school maps from the trash in a tiny little Texas town, but he found the gem above. A mid-century modern accordion fold room divider from an old church that is being torn down soon. I am so glad he took that time to go back for this beauty. 

We desperately needed a closet door/divider for my closet that is directly off our bedroom and in-between our bedroom and bath. It was previously a weird space that housed a no longer needed dressing vanity. When we knocked out the walls to the tiny closet and bathroom to open things up a bit.  Our original thought was Ikea sliding closet doors to close the closet off, but it just wasn't in our budget right now. And honestly, it didn't really keep the vintage feel of our home. This vintage room divider is perfect. 

Here are a few other really cool room dividers from the blogosphere.
(two images to the left - sources unknown)

I still like mine best. So perfect. I love sitting in my room and just staring at it. ha ha. Thank you sweet husband for cutting them down, installing them and cleaning them up! Thank you Lord for providing in the most mysterious of ways. 

Have you found anything drool worthy lately? xo


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