Around the House: Updating An Ikea Classic

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ikea is a staple in our house. Clean lines. Affordable prices. Check and check. My hubs bought these old Ikea barstools a long time ago for location shoots because they are lightweight and were extremely inexpensive. While the stools aren't bad, the bolts come loose really easily and require a bit of TLC every now and again to make them sturdy. (That's probably why they don't sell them anymore.) Unfortunately, it's currently not in our budget to buy new stools. So I gave our old grey stools a quick makeover with some spray paint and twine. Who doesn't love a good Ikea hack?
Oh, and my boys think popping off this black foot rest is a sport (annoying), so I happily discarded that piece in the makeover.
 I taped off the feet and the base of each leg on the underside of the stool with painters' tape...
Once a few coats of Rustoleum and a clear coat finish were dry, I brought the stools in and wrapped the footrest bar in twine. The twine I had on hand was pretty fuzzy, so I trimmed any long stragglers and applied a coat of Mod Podge so that the twine wouldn't unravel.
I love how they turned out. This should hold us over for a few more years. Hopefully. When the white seats get dirty, I just clean them off with my favorite sponge - the Magic Eraser.
And if I get sick of the mint green or twine... I'll just cut off the twine and grab a new color of spray paint. This project was really easy and cost me $0 since I already had everything I needed in my garage. Bam. My heart explodes with joy when that happens and I may or may not have done a happy dance around my kitchen.

What have you spray painted lately?


  1. oh gosh girl I love it! You are so creative...we're ikea people too. what a great hack

    1. Thanks lady! I consider that a HUGE compliment coming from you dear. xo


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