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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have Christmas on the brain as I listen to my Pandora Christmas classic station and finish last minute gifts on the sewing machine. I guess my kids have really brought out the Christmas nut within. I really want this season to mean something to them - not just receiving gifts, but family and the birth of Christ! So, as I get stuck in my own little Winterland, I thought I would post some more Christmas inspiration and DIY images!

I LOVE this advent calendar and tried to copy it a bit but mine didn't turn out nearly as cute and still isn't filled with anything! There's always next year!

I love these little vintage trees via Smile and Wave.

How easy is this? Just get some Christmas cookie cutters and hang them on some beautiful yarn or ribbon in front of your window! So pretty via Belle Maison.

And one more DIY advent calendar from Mer Mag.

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