Kitchen Chair Make-over

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm here...whew! Sorry for the late post. I'm a full-time Mom and part-time blogger. You understand, right? Okay, this week I am going to tackle recovering our kitchen chairs for the second time. Let me start by saying that I believe whole-heartedly that a little money and a little creativity can give you BIG impact. So let's do some recession proof redecorating!

My first kitchen table was purchased while I was in college. A sweet little 50's table with four chairs. The table and chairs have since been sanded down, painted white and most recently, moved out to our patio. And though our old set has served us quite well over the years, it's time to move on. Our table was replaced with the Ikea, Saarinen knock-off, Docksta.
I love the blue and white in my kitchen. White feels so clean. However, the fabric on the backs of these chairs do not lend themselves well to toddlers' messy dinner fingers. Here's where the second chair make-over comes in... We have some old Danish Modern chairs that my husband's Mom gave us that are perfect for the kitchen and are much more suitable for our family right now.

Here are the tools I'll need for the job this week:
fabric, staple gun, 1/4" staples, scissors, screwdriver (for taking off the cushion and taking the old staples out), ruler and marker

And here is a look at the "new" chairs and the kitchen nook as it is now.

See you tomorrow for the beginning of this simple and recession proof make-over. xo

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