The Monday Blues

Monday, January 25, 2010

Would you believe... I am STILL sick?!  To the doctor I go!  As much as I have tried to avoid it, the waiting room beckons me. And yet, in spite of all the sickness around here (me and my two boys) I managed to finish the pillows with the help of my loving husband taking care of the boys while I sewed.
Thank you hubby!
Below is an example of how pillows can truly change the look and feel of a room.  From a Fall look with chevrons and brown tones to a Spring look with florals and pink tones.  I know, I know... The pillows aren't mine. But I do think they look quite grand on my green sofa! Stay tuned for the tutorials on how to make your own version of these lovelies. (I did all the sewing in a day, so they really are easy! You'll see.) Until then, I'll be making a few trips to a few doctors today.  Hope you and yours are healthy! xo

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