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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ok, so Anna (my sister) picked out her fabrics, but she didn't really give me any instructions of how to proceed other than pillow measurements. I am going to take that to mean that I have full creative license here. Can you hear my creative gears turning? Anna's kind of a girlie girl; her favorite color is pink. Hence, the fabric she picked out has a lot of pink, paisleys and flowers. We've chosen to mix those pinks with grey. In an effort to add some touches of glamour, I am going to be doing a flower applique and ruffles with raw edges. Oh, I love it.

I'm going to leave the edges of the strips above raw to give the paisley pillow a bit of an edge and then gather them with a basting stitch before sewing them onto the pillow panel. The pillow insert measurements are 14 x14, 16x16 and 18x18.  I've cut the fabric out giving myself half inch seam allowances which translates to 15x15, 17x17, etc. I'll be back Monday with construction pics and the finished pillows! xo

Tip: If your like me and don't really like to hand sew, cut out one panel of fabric the measurement of the pillow insert, plus seam allowance and for the back panel add two to three inches in width to the overall pillow size and then cut the panel in half.  This allows you to finish the raw edges of the half panels and then overlap them on top of the front pillow panel.  It creates an easy way to take the pillow cover on and off for washing, etc.

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