Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Mason Jars

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When I'm in Mexico there are several things I notice, but there is one in particular that I think is so brilliant. They reuse everything! While on a walk, I broken bottles used atop a cement wall to keep people from trespassing. Now that one might be a bit extreme, but if you think about all the things that we throw out as "trash" it's amazing.  Go ahead, take a look at your recycle bin. There are tons of containers in there from plastic to glass that has me wondering quite often, "why do we buy plastic storage ware?"
I bet you have pasta sauce or pickles in your pantry now. Mason jars are everywhere these days. They even sell them by the dozen at the grocery store. But instead of buying them, why not wash out what you have on hand and try some of these recycling ideas!

I fill mine with sea salt or sand and put a votive in them for a little candle light on the back patio.

Cookie recipe gifts with everything you need included. (source)

I love this soap dispenser idea.  How clever is that?  Find the tutorial here.

Condiment storage, making for a very tidy countertop. (source)

I love the branches with the mason jars and the map so much it hurts. (source)

Here's another vase idea for outside. I've also wrapped wire around the mouth of the jar, creating a handle, to hang from a tree or hook. (source)

Don't these jars look much better as vases, storage and candle holders than they do filling up your recycle bin? Go ahead, soak those jars in some soapy water, remove the label and glue and let your imagination go wild! xo

PS - I'd love to hear from you.  What are you recycling/reusing these days?


  1. Real proud of you, friend. I can't believe that you can come up with something new to blog about everyday!!! So impressed!!!! A request from one of your fans... can you have a baby week where you do different baby projects?! I have seen some of the wonderful stuff you make and I think everyone else should get to see it too!!!!!!

  2. Great ideas! Love the foundation of your ideas from Philippians 4:8! Great goal.


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