Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Clothing

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Growing up, my Dad owned not one, but four ladies shoe stores. I would go to all the Dallas shoe shows with him and pick out whatever I liked. Naturally, I blame my fashion addiction on him. Especially my love for shoes. He would always tell me, "Honey, you can scrimp on a lot of things, but never your shoes. Your feet will know!" I guess he is also to blame for my frugality. If I love it, I have a real hard time letting it go, even if it doesn't fit. This causes me to find new uses for old things wherever I can. The shirt above was too small for my husband but I couldn't stand to see it go back to Goodwill. I cut off the sleeves, reattached the cuffs and brought in the waist a bit. Now this shirt gets worn all the time.

vintage Todd Oldham dress once had sleeves

Ask my friends and they will tell you... I'm kind of notorious for cutting clothes up and making them into other things. Jeans become shorts and skirts. Dresses become shirts and skirts. Etc. When I made my wedding dress I took the flower from my Mom's veil and attached it to my dress. So today I challenge you to look into that closet of yours and see what you can convert into something new!

this bag was once a cherished mini-skirt I bought in Florence

once an old pair of jeans and the afore mentioned mini-skirt

once a pair of pants I think...vintage Todd Oldham again

If you're looking for some ideas or tutorials on how to transform your wardrobe, I recently found this amazing blog. She makes all kinds of cute stuff and shows you how to do it too. Yes, if it can not be transformed and you no longer wear it, donate it. But if you love it and you think it still has some life left in it - transform it! I can tell you first hand that there is no better feeling than making something uniquely yours. And then when someone asks, "where did you get that?" You can smile and proudly say, "I made it!" Pretty cool right? xo


  1. Fabulous ideas, love it!

  2. Brooke this is an awesome post! Can you tell me ore about what you did to your husband's shirt? I mean, I kind of get the cuffs thing, but how did you take in the waist? (Novice sewer here...) I really LOVE the result.

  3. Brooke, great post. You have reminded me of a skirt I bought when I was pregnant. It is lovely and colourful and can be turned into a great sleeveless top. Looks like that sewing machine of mine will be busy this weekend.

  4. what did you do in florence?! i spent a summer there in was such a wonderful time in my life. i want to go back, asap! :)

  5. You are amazing. That plaid shirt and silver purse, who would have known it was ever a skirt. Awesome!

  6. love your creations! This is precisely what I want to start doing. I have a bag full of clothes waiting to be repurposed. I totally subscribed to Recycled Lovlies, too. Her stuff is amazing. Thanks!


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