Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Wine Bottles

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Merlot, Shiraz or Chianti - they're all good to me; especially when enjoyed with good friends over a good meal. So why let the good times stop there? Wine bottles are doing double duty these days. You know it's a big trend when Pottery Barn is doing it. Wait, does that mean the trend is almost on it's way out? No mind. I don't really follow trends anyway. Wine bottles are being "upcycled" into great chandeliers, candle holders, vases and more...

chandelier via pottery barn

chandelier via recycled lovelies
tutorial here

tutorial here

via design sponge

crochet cover via rug rug

1. shower bottle wall, 2. bottle tree park, 3. wisteria door art, 4. window mosaic

stunning recycling via re-modern

painted bottles via ish and chi

Amazing stuff right? I would have never imagined, in a million years, that so many things could be done with a simple wine bottle. Oh, I also read a few posts mentioning wine bottles as rolling pins. You just fill them with small glass rocks or beads and then put them in the freezer I think. Crazy, but it sounds like it would work. What do I know... I don't bake unless I've got Betty Crocker by my side! xo


  1. Love the painted bottles...and that little crochet one is so gorgeous!

  2. I've also seen a vintage wine bottle (a nice round one) turned into a table lamp, looks really amazing.
    Great post as always ans appropriate given that as I read this it is Earth Day here in Sydney.

  3. Oh! Thanks for including my painted bottles.

    I really like the wine bottles fixed to the wall. Clever!

    I wonder how the rolling pins would turn out. I have images of the beads making a sound as they roll. Music as you bake. Haha.. I'm sure that's not the intention though.


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