Reliving My Youth

Thursday, April 15, 2010

via Small

My daily poking around blogland the other day led me to Small Magazine's blog. I don't know why I had never looked at the magazine or their blog, but upon doing so, I was instantly inspired. "How?," you ask. Well for one, their images are lovely and two, a couple of clothing stories they did in this month's issue. Have you ever noticed the way little girls dress? I mean really take note. In addition to the inspiring images in Small, I served in the children's area Sunday at church. I was in the two's class. (That is a whole other story! Whew!) Something struck me... little girls don't care about how lovely they look - no matter what they are wearing. They just want to play and play they do without a second thought to their clothing.

via Small

via Bliss

via Small

Not only do little girls jump, run and tumble in dresses and skirts, they match and mismatch with amazing ease. They have no one to please but themselves. I love this freedom and I think I shall try to relive my youth this summer and do as little girls do. I vow to wear more dresses and skirts and play in the dirt while doing so. 

with hair like this

and these shoes or flip flops

I also vow to wear what I like, matched or not, "in style" or not... just be me. xo


  1. me too! i really like getting inspiration from my garnet hill and boden catalogs...then finding the same looks cheaper somewhere else! i'm enjoying your blog....just discovered it recently and have been "lurking." thought i'd speak up today.:)

  2. Oh I love wearing dresses and skirts, even in winter I wear my flippy summer dresses, over jeans and with long sleeved t-shirts underneath and knits over the top, all about layering here in Sydney. Love having boys, but often wonder about having a little girl to dress and sreach for worms.

  3. do you have TOMS? oh, if not...please get some. :) they are soooo comfy and we can be shoe twins. i promise i have an email coming to you--i've just been overwhelmingly busy this week. why so busy?! ugh...that's not the pace of life i like.

    talk soon! love.


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