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Friday, April 16, 2010

I love birds. Birds of all kinds. There is so much to love: their colors, their songs, feathers, ability to fly and on and on I could go. Only bad things about birds: bird poop. Ever been pooped on by a bird? It's not fun. They say it's good luck but I beg to differ. Ok, I'm getting a bit derailed here. Back on track... one day I noticed that almost every single room in my home has birds in it. Nope, check that, EVERY single room has birds. (Just did a run through in my head.) This wasn't a purposeful thing - it just kind of happened. I thought I would share some bird love with you all today as yet another week has flown by!

pillows via design sponge

julia rothman wallpaper

yellow owl workshop stamp set

Ferm Living pillow

wall of bird houses via oh, hello friend.

wallpaper via studio ditte

my first attempt at making a birdhouse

via dottie angel

Have the happiest of weekends. I do hope you will drop by again soon. Is Monday too soon? xo


  1. That letterpress bird print is on my wishlist and I love your birdhouse, would love a tutorial. I love birds and like you have a few around my house along with butterflies and cows, i think these are lovely serene creatures. Lovely images once again.
    Have a happy weekend.

  2. i love birds too...and they are in every room of my house except the bathroom.


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