Sometimes A Little Need is All You Need

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ahh money. There is always a need for it and there never seems to be "enough." Don't worry, I'm not going to get on my soapbox of what "enough" really is versus what it means to most Americans. Everyone knows that we are in a recession but not everyone feels it. However, we are feeling it in our home and have for a while. I love the verse in James 1:2 "...when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy." I have interpreted this many ways as it has applied to my life over the years. Over the weekend I got to live it in a new way.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week and my son's school is celebrating their teachers in a number of ways. I was asked to give money towards a gift for my son's teacher. Since things are a bit tight, I asked if I could make a gift. I was a bit worried at first as to how this might come across, but I am so glad I was honest. My honesty was met with great understanding and appreciation - what a relief. This all led to  another gift. A gift for me. While making our teacher's gift (an apron - she loves to bake) over the weekend I was filled with joy. (Not something I'm usually filled with when I sew, truth be told.) I was so happy to be sewing, creating, using my God-given talents. That is my whole reason for this blog! I was singing, praying, praising the Lord. It was awesome. I was filled with joy! And this was all brought about through the recession. Pretty stinkin' cool.

apron body
apron ties
finished apron

The Reversible Apron by Lotta Jansdotter is surprisingly easy, although it's given a difficulty level of 4 in the book. I followed all the the instructions to the best of my corner cutting abilities. I used probably half of the things she lists one needs when making and I am quite pleased with the finished piece. So much so, I might have to make one of these for myself. Since it's reversible, it was a very quick project! xo


  1. What cook and teacher wouldn't love this for a gift! I believe you have taught also - through your lesson of giving. In a cash culture - the works of your hands and heart are so valuable.

  2. Nice job on the apron-very pretty! Would love to make one myself but my skill level is about a 1! Love the fact that you made a gift rather than money. It's one of my goals for the next year. I think it means so much more-and there is definitely a joy that comes when you are creating with others in mind-its just a different feeling.

  3. the apron looks fantastic.
    sometimes i need to be reminded that God calls me serve Him in a different way. thanks for being an example.


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