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Monday, April 12, 2010

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Families all over the world are doing it. Shoot, I have TONS of friends that do it. So why am I getting so nervous? What's the "it" that I'm getting all freaked about? Room Sharing! My boys are almost 5 and 2. This December, if not sooner, we will move our youngest into his "big boy room" which he will share with his brother.  My oldest can't wait. He wants his little brother in there NOW! And while I love seeing all the inspirational photos of how others have done it, I have questions. A lot of questions.

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-How does room sharing work?
-Do they take naps at the same time? (Not that my oldest will be taking naps at 5 years old, but he does do "room time" a lot while my youngest is asleep. It helps me keep my sanity and gives him his space that he needs too.)
-Will they have to go to bed at the same time every night?
-What happens when one of them cries out at night or worse... one of them gets sick?
-Do I move most of the toys out of their room and into the playroom?
-Will they keep one another up at night or have a hard time going to sleep?
-How will I keep my youngest in his bed when we will most certainly want to be up top (bunk beds) with his brother?

The big move is more than six months away and I am already panicked. Pathetic right? Don't misunderstand me, I really want my boys to share a room and I really want a guest/craft room. And, I'm totally inspired by all the cute photos I see of others who apparently do this with no problems at all. I'm just anxious, worried, nervous, scared and a little concerned about the unknown. I can be a bit of a control freak, even though I know I have very little control over much of anything in this world. So, there it is. I've laid it all out for you - the ugliness and excitement of it all. Do you have any tips or insight that could help me calm my nerves? Do your children share a room? HELP! Oh, and Happy Monday to you. xo


  1. Hey Brooke.
    All good questions.
    All my kids have shared a room.
    I moved Hamilton in with Emma when he was 18 months old to give Jack the nursey, and then moved Jack in with Hamilton when he was 2 to give Emma her own room.
    Then moved Emma in with Jack and Hamilton to give Sawyer the nursery (we have a space problem if you couldn't tell) anyways all that to say I can honestly answer all of your concerns because at one time or another we have encountered them.
    They will get use to what you consitantly do.
    So stand firm.
    When we first moved Jack in with Hamilton Jack would go to bed before Hamilton because He was more tired. Then when he started staying up they would visit in their beds then finally go to sleep then the newness wore off and its no big deal.

    They will love it.
    It will help them bond I am a fan of siblings sharing rooms it teaches them flexability and studies have shown that they are more self confident when having shared a room with a sibling, at least thats what my husband told me.:0)

    You will find what works best for you.
    When Emma was done with naps I would set her up in my room for room time while the boys slept so she could have her own space while I took a break.
    And there have been time when they didn't go to bed like they were suppose to and we moved someone into our bed until they fell a sleep.
    Don't sweat it. It will be fun. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Brooke, my boys (almost 5 and almost 3.5 yrs) sleep in seperate rooms. I had always intended that they would share as I did with my siblings (at one time all 5 of us slept in the same large room)then my 2 sisters and I shared. I loved room sharing.
    Unfortunately our plans changed because Jack the youingest is a really early (5-5.30)and noisy riser in the morning and Luke sleeps till 7-8am. We are lucky we have enough room that the boys to have their own room, but I am hoping at some stage Jack will grow out of his early rising routine.
    Of course when we go on holidays, they share a room and somehow we manage to grab Jack when he wakes before he jumps into Luke's bed. It is never relaxing on holidays for us.
    My advice is just do what works best for you and when it works best for you and the boys.

  3. My two girls, also 5 and 2 share a room and love it. It works better than I though it would. They do go to bed at the same time - I lay with the 2 year old on the bottom bunk and the older one is up top. If one of them wakes up the other often doesn't. There have been times when I've found the little one cuddling in her sister's bed in the morning which is pretty cute. I think it is great for them to share a room - think of the closeness they have now. There are days when the older child needs some space away from her sister, and I can see where those days it would be good to have a separate room, but we're working on finding other spaces for her to go - like maybe our room. We have been talking about getting a house with more bedrooms so that they could have their own rooms - someday they'll want that but the older one has told us that she definitely wants to stay with her sister. At least for now.
    Re naps - the 2 year old naps in the afternoon when the 5 yr old is at school. On the weekends the 5 year old just plays somewhere else at nap time.
    Don't worry! I am sure they will be fine!

  4. oh! my boys have shared a room since my 2nd was born. i have LOTS of thoughts. :) i'll put them in my's going to be a loooong email. ha! p.s.--i LOVE having my boys share a room, they are closer for it, and they LOVE it.



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