All Work and No Play...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

makes me want to throw a fit like your average two year old! It's not pretty, but it's the truth. The irony is that I can't stand a dirty house. I have yet to figure out how to balance my Jekyl and Hyde personalities. Most days I avoid. Some days I turn on the music and dance, trying my best to get my kids in on the cleaning "fun." And today, I thought I would inject a little humor into the mundane, yet life giving, task of house chores.

i like this use of ironing boards

this is a good use of kitchen ware

i don't see these spoons going in any sauce pots

chocolate always helps

As I was folding laundry and eating my Junior Mints the other day I tasted something a little salty and bumpy (not a taste or texture that goes with these mints). I took said offending "thing" out of my mouth to discover it was an ant! SICK! My son was coloring in the kitchen amid my discovery and promptly said, "Cool Mom. You're just like Bear Grylls!" Yup, that's me...NOT! I tried to play it cool, but inside I was grossing out. At least the laundry is done and my 4 year old thinks his Mom is a little bit cooler than she was yesterday. Motherhood - you gotta love it. xo


  1. He he what a fun post (not fun that you ate an ant - YUK!), but the ironing board tables look like fun! Love the wooden spoons - I made one for my Nan when I was younger, with cotton wool stuck on it for hair! Nan had that spoon for about 35 years until one day she accidently knocked it off the window sill and into the washing up water!! But she still kept it, minus the hair. Thanks for reminding me!!

  2. I have memories of eating worms as a child, makes my sckin crawl just recalling it....


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