Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Toys

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Over the very few years that I have been a mom we have gone through our fair share of toys. There are those that break, those that no longer make the cut and those that shouldn't have come home with us in the first place (see kid's meal toys).  What, oh what, is one to do with all those toys? Donate? Yes. Garage Sale? Yes. Recycle? YES!

amazing lamp (love this for all our broken toys)

Having kids sure forces your imagination to go places it's never gone before. I wish I could find a place to put a Barbie chandelier like the one above. (Barbies are in abundance at my local thrift store.) I think it would be so fun to have one hanging around. Since I'm out numbered 3 to 1 around here, I'll stick to spray painting toy guns and guitars! xo


  1. A buyer for Anthropologie had a show on Sundance called Man Shops Globe - one of my favorite episodes was in South Africa, where all of these amazing chandeliers were being made from trash!

    This is a link to one of the businesses featured in the episode who hired local artisans to create awesome recycled things - you will probably enjoy looking at it!

  2. I love every idea in this post, especially the barbie chandelier, but like you I think I'll have to stick to the more masculine items. Although my dog's house does need a bit of a redo and she is a irl, that barbie chandelier may have found a home at the Findlays afetr all!!
    Hope your having a great day Brooke.

  3. Props to stay-at-home moms! That's my son's bedroom with the drum, skateboards and faux brick wall.

  4. Sweet room Mr. Connor! Cool artwork you do, as well!

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