Good Morning.  I have a little post to delight the eyes just a bit until my post at Tiny Twig comes up today.
We've done it. We moved our youngest into his brother's room. It's a gradual process starting with him in his crib first. When he's old enough to move to a big boy bed, we'll take the final step of removing his crib.

I have to admit, this was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be.  Seeing the "baby" room empty and realizing that I would soon be packing all of that stuff up and painting over the brown and blue walls made for a teary evening followed by a small anxiety attack. Now that things are getting a bit more back to normal and the boys are sleeping a bit better I'm getting excited about decorating the guest/sewing room.  Here are a few images that are inspiring me.

Neutrals, pinks, yellows, white and black with touches of wood. Lovely no? xo


  1. okay, lady. i am loving this blog and finding so much inspiration here. thanks for taking the time to post. also, let's talk bathrooms. we are remodeling and i wonder if you have any places i could go for some ideas??

  2. YAY congrats Brooke! I will have to grill you for the nitty gritty at some point when I get up the courage to do the same. And I don't blame you for the emotion, it is hard to say good bye to some stages. I got all teary seeing a newborn yesterday realizing those days are over...

  3. Oh, that is great I've been meaning to ask you how the move was going. I am delaying mine till Jack is older and understands that Luke doesn't enjoy being woken at 5.30am. Love that last image by the way.

  4. oh, I love that last photo! I want that li'l studio!


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