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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've lived in a lot of apartments over the years and not once have I ever been happy with the kitchen floor.  It's either really ugly, looks dirty all the time or way too hard to keep clean. Now that we are home owners, you'd think I'd like our kitchen floors - right?  Wrong! I do like our kitchen. The previous owners did a very nice job of remodeling, but some of their choices are not what I would have picked. One example is the tile floor. It has been stained or marked up (not sure which) since we moved in, it's cracked in several places and it's brown/tan whatever...I don't like it. Oh yeah, and there's a whole in the floor too from where my Mother-in-law threw a brick through the window of our backdoor to get in one night so that my husband and I could stay at the movie theatre. No was dead-bolted and we had to leave anyway. Oh well, we got a new door out of it that's really cool. I digress.

not my kitchen but awesome floors and my inspiration (source unknown)

So, when my husband suggested we redo the kitchen floor while my insanely talented Father-in-law visits at the end of the month, I became nearly giddy with excitement.  I know exactly what I want - Marmoleum.  Have you seen this stuff lately?  It's amazing!  It's great for allergy sufferers (my husband and our oldest have really bad allergies) and it's environmental sustainability is amazing. The makers, Forbo, have incredible environmental ethics that just blow me away. Before I get on my soap box about all of that, let me just show you how cool it is.

did you see the note in the image? croco. croco flooring! stunning!

this even looks like hardwood

my choice for the new kitchen floor (maybe)

So fun. So versatile and low maintenance. So budget and eco friendly. SOLD! Now we just have to convince my Father-in-law to squeeze this into his playtime with his grandsons - that will not be an easy task. My oldest has been talking about bike riding, hiking and camping with his Papa Dude for over 2 months now. I'll keep you posted on the kitchen makeover. Bye bye ugly tile floors. Hello sexy marmoleum! Considering a makeover of your own now aren't you? xo


  1. I would love to consider Marmoleum! It seems like it would be "soft" on the feet, too - since we don't wear shoes in our house. My Mom has tile in her kitchen, and while it is beautiful, it is hard to stand on for long periods of time! I hope you get your new floor, and that we can see the pics!

  2. Oh man do I hear you on kitchen floors, ours is just aweful and going to be the last thing fixed during a kitchen makeover (paint and fixtures). Great suggestion...does it come in 1ft. squares like Armstrong tiles? Also, really love that deep rich black.

  3. gosh...I don't know about the product availability. I'm sure you could call Forbo and ask them about their product and where you could find it in your area. My father-in-law is a builder in Des Moines and he uses it in his houses a lot. He say's it's great!

  4. Oh the yellow and striped one, I'm in love. Like this idea, looks soft underfoot and easy to clean, gotta love that.
    Hope you have a lovely day.


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