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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Because I'm listening and I really do take your feedback to heart.  Remember my towel rack I posted about a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said, "Great idea - I prefer the wider board." You know what? Anonymous was right. Thank you for your comment! DIY redo! I took a wider board I had on hand, created an Orla Kiely-esque leaf template and began painting.

oh gosh... my bathroom really isn't this green! Yikes.

reader comment + new towel rack = happiness

Comments let me know you're there. They help me with my design dilemmas and offer insight that my sweet, quiet husband does not. (Probably for fear that I would get upset, but I won't.) I delight in this verse and think that it applies here: Proverbs 12:15 "The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice."  Thank you readers for stopping by Pure and Noble, for subscribing and for all your comments! It means the world to me. xo


  1. Love the wider board too and the Orla Kiely-esque design too. I thought it was wallpaper, great job. Looks good on the wall.

  2. I love EVERYTHING in your blog! It's really pure and simple,and those are the most noble virtues we should follow! Everything is lovely. Thanks for being an inspiration:)


  3. Oh I love it, but in the interest of your post, I think it would look super fabulous if you did a similar thing to the one you posted about previosly and make the hooks all different. Perhaps a project for your mudroom/hallway/entry. I actually like the green by the way, very eccletic. (I have a green room in my house although it is a very dark version, will be posting it soon.

  4. oh! you are so talented. come live at my house and do DIY projects with me!! :)


  5. It was first a cool solution, now it's a fabulous look! Love the green of the wall also. Where are the hooks from?

  6. Thanks! The hooks are from Lowes of all places.


Hey... You! I think you are the tops for showing the comment love! Thank you for your comments and support. It means so very much. If you leave a comment, you will find the reply in comments as well. xo

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