Around the House: Today's Forecast...Cloudy

Monday, May 3, 2010

When I think happy thoughts I usually picture sunny days, warm breezes and blue skies.  But lately I am tickled by all the sweet clouds popping up everywhere. I'm enticed to bring a few into my home, but I want my outlook to remain optimistic and silver lined...

wall stickers (I'm a bit obsessed with this room right now)

dreamy bedding for the little ones

lost source - so sorry!

wooden clouds

lost source again - sorry! precious though, right?

adorable onesie

awesome print

sweet necklace

inspiring poster

a darn good deal poster

What do ya think... Are you inspired to bring some shady weather (pardon the pun) into your home? Who would have ever thought that something so looming could be so amazing and surprisingly happy? I have to say, I love it all. Happy, happy Monday! I've missed you! xo


  1. Clouds are lovely, I always think of them as soft and whimsical. Love the Time of Aquarius by the way.
    Hope you had a happy day.

  2. those clouds kids sheet sets are so cute! shame there is nowhere is Australia to buy them ....


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