Around the House: Girl Power Pink

Monday, June 28, 2010

my neighbor's awesome pink ride

Mary Kay and Aretha were definitely onto something...the power of pink. I think a lot of girls are drawn to pink the way boys are drawn to trucks and hanging out in their undies. But I must say, I am amazed - simply amazed - at how so many women get the men in their lives to live with so much girliness. How do they do it? It is truly beyond me. I could go on and on about the flower prints and doilies, but then you add pink to the mix. Pink furniture. Pink walls. Pink kitchens.

rachel of smile and wave

louise of pour toujours

My all time favorite use of pink in a home has got to be, hands down, Jenny of Dos Family. That girl has style ooozing from every pore! I love, love, love it. (Insert major style crush here.) If I could only get my husband to agree to that much pink!

jenny of dos family

For now, I will be content with my pink bubble gum (Orbitz bubblemint), pink Pepto, one pink pillow and one pink chair. For there is a saying in our house, "boys rule and girls drool" and until the ratio of girls to boys changes, my love of pink in the home must remain minimal. Happy Monday! (For the record... girls totally RULE!) xo


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  2. Hi Brooke, Ive been absent from your blog due to illness and general family life this last week and I've missed some cracking posts. I'm not a huge fan of pink, unless it is teamed with red (I know, big time clash, but I love it) and there is no way on earth hubby would entertain much girlie stuff. So I too admire and wonder at the ladies you've posted about. Do you think they might share their secrets?


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