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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am typically a deleter of all fluff emails. You know the kind - your girlfriends forward them to you and ten other friends wondering who will be the first to answer all the questions and send it back. Gag. I really don't like those emails or any "forwarded" emails. (Especially ones with cute animal pictures. Sorry all you animal lovers out there. No offense. Really.) In fact, I am typically harassed by my girlfriends for sending one word response emails like, "ditto" or "yup!" But last week, my friend over at The Tiny Twig threw me a curve ball. She actually tagged me for one of those questionnaires via her blog! What? That's gutsy and well, I cannot disappoint. So here goes nothing!

3 names I go by:
Pure and Noble

3 places I have been:

Portland - I love this place and hope to live here one day. The nicest people on the planet live here. Sadly there's only a 2% Christian population here. However, we know an awesome couple here that have started a really cool church called Bread and Wine.

Hong Kong absolutely insane and so cool (yes, I did a little karaoke and club hopping.)

Nice, France - and yes, it is that beautiful and so very romantic.

3 favorite drinks:

COFFEE (Starbucks Cafe Verona) as made by my amazing husband almost every morning. If I'm lucky, it's french press. If I'm really lucky, it's Stumptown. I love the way the grinds in french press coffee  make a pretty design every time I take a drink. sigh...

Call it what you will, the Mexican Martini, Texas-tini, texatini, whatever... it's amazing! If you're ever in Texas, you gotta have one. Yum!

water - enough said.

3 jobs I have had:
internship, gopher and PT fit model: Todd Oldham 

product manager and development

Stay-at-home Mommy (by far the best and hardest of all the jobs I've ever had)

3 TV shows I watch:

none - none - none

3 places I would like to visit: 

Paris (image)

London (image)

Greece (image)

3 fave retro TV shows:

3 places I have lived:

Greensboro, North Carolina
Denton, Texas
Dallas, Texas

3 favorite dishes:

chips and queso (hey, in Texas it's a meal!)

pancakes and bacon (crunchy)

(this image is with shrimp, but you get the idea)
chicken clay pot at Mai's served piping hot; the rice on the bottom gets burnt and crunchy - delish.

3 things I am looking forward to:

Another road trip with my boys (we're pondering buying a vintage RV and driving to Portland!)
Growing old with my husband.
Getting to know my boys more as they grow into men.

3 people I am tagging:
Engracia of Lynwood Musings

Emily of Today's Letters

Rebecca of Cake Walk

So there it is. A little about me. Gosh, as if you didn't know enough about me. blah, blah, blah. Now that I've answered all the first date questions, you're next. Tell me about yourself! xo


  1. These mails are the worst for me! Loving to know more about you!! I've just been tagged to this week and I must admit that It takes me a lot of energy to answer them.... Regards from Switzerland!

  2. Recently got tagged for one of these as well but haven't gotten around to replying yet.
    Enjoyed reading this post - inspired me to work on mine in a similar way!
    Paris is one of my fav. places - #1 on my list after a recent (and first) visit. Now trying to work on ways to make it back there!

  3. i always delete those emails too but sometimes a meme is fun....i spot some life similarities. that church in portland looks interesting (love the name)

  4. Ahhhhh!!! Portland just won't leave me alone!! My husband just came back from staying with the Revards and now we're itching to live there again.

  5. i love this! it prepares me perfectly for our first date. ;) xo.

  6. Ah, I hate these too, but they are so much fun to read. Love getting to know you better, so I'll return the favour and play along as well. Reminds me I need to do a similar post for a blog "award" I received a few weeks ago, so slack I know.

  7. In the future we'll say, "You know you're from this generation if you did that '20 Things about Myself' Questionnaire on Facebook." ;)

  8. Ohhh... you. I was hoping NOT to see my name at the bottom of this! I've been so busy and behind in my reading, and just saw this today! I guess I will oblige :)


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