Around the House: The Little Things

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was filled with joy and laughter! I thought I  would share some things around my house that make me happy. It's the little things that bring me joy, make my house a home and create a space that is undeniably me/us. The "swear box" above was a gift from a friend of ours and honestly it has very little money in it. In fact, the only money in it is from my Father-in-law. He has such a great sense of humor - so dry and unexpected. I also love that it has a water ring on it from my husband. When the ring first appeared I was a bit mad, but now I think it adds charm. It's also a great reminder that my husband sits right by this table every night. Water rings are kind of his trademark around the house.

This bible has been in my family for years... literally. There is writing on the front page from the 1830's. I think that is beyond cool. It's very fragile and sits quietly on our bookshelves reminding me of family legacy. The photo below is an old one of my Grandmother Lola. Cool name huh? She had lovely style too. I wish I had that exact outfit. I would so rock it to church or on a date night.

The old photo of my Grandma's sewing factory (below) hangs on a wall in my tiny little closet office. I love looking at all the ladies and their style. Funny thing... none of the ladies in the photo are smiling, but there's a young chap down front with an ear to ear grin. I guess he liked being surrounded by beautiful things too! My Grandma once owned a clothing company and was pretty successful at it. I feel a special connection to her because of her love for sewing, creating and fashion.

I have a love of patterns, color and coffee. Drinking out of these vintage mugs make my mornings feel a tiny bit more special. (I just wish they were bigger!)

We have a coffee grinder that cost WAY too much, but it makes a killer cup of coffee. Strike that. It's my hubby that makes the killer coffee; the grinder makes it fresh and super tasty!

I was about to throw this lamp away because the shade part on the inside was torn. Then I paired it with this awesome vintage fabric I had and voila! It's now my favorite lamp in the house. It casts this amazing glow in our bedroom that fills the room while I read at night. Love it!

Kisses are so special and treasured. I love this little kissing couple in our bedroom. My Mother-in-law Karen (Mom B) gave them to me a while back. I adore them. But what I love even more is the couple behind them. We were so young in that photo. The memories that fill our home through photos warm my heart and keep me grounded in love.

Sometimes it's the really little things that bring silly joy. For me its these chip clips from Ikea, peanut butter (of all kinds) and our LG washer/dryer. Ahhhh they really do make life better.

Last but not least is my sewing machine. I think I should name her. We've been together since college and while she's nothing special, she has helped me make a lot of things for my home, repaired many a super hero costumes and helped me make things for friends. My sewing machine is my outlet - where I go to create, think, pray and the like. Silly huh? 

What are some of your little things? xo

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