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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remember this fabric? And this bench I scored at the abandoned house last week?  Well, my husband threw down the proverbial gauntlet the other night when he said, "I bet you this stuff sits in here for months." The "here" is our garage. Gasp! Does he dare doubt my desire to have these amazing pieces in our house or my longing to have my parking space back in the garage? Shocking. Just to prove him wrong, I got started on my make-overs straight away. First object to tackle? The easiest one of course... the bench.

Step 1: clean with bleach and mold remover

Step 2: rip lining off the bottom and remove legs

Step 3: vacuum out the cobwebs, spiders and other unrecognizable critters

Step 4: measure and cut fabric

Step 5: stretch fabric and staple

Step 6: reattach legs

Step 7: find lovely home for bench in new guest/craft room

Step 8: GLOAT!

Step 9: squeal with delight when husband approves and even comments on the fabric

Step 10: pat self on back and enjoy fruits of labor

Bonus - it's just the right height for the boys to sit on and use to get up on the tall bed. Total cost of finished piece: $4.00. Ahhh, all in a day's work for this stay at home mommy! xo


  1. Awesome! I always thought I could see potential in things...but YOU can REALLY see potential in things! I love it!

  2. I love it! And I cant wait to see the next piece you reuse! :)

  3. The structure and lines of a quality furniture piece - your eye for fabric/design - and thrift scores. All three combined - wow!

  4. Brilliant! Love the gloating as well.

  5. That turned out really nice & for $4! I love when my husband "challenges" me by saying I'm not going to end up using something or that it will take forever for me to get around to it-just makes me that more motivated!


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