Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: No Impact Man

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh my gosh, what an unexpected treat this movie was the other night. It was recommended on the blog of one of my lovely readers (can't remember whose blog, so sorry.) They committed to a yearlong experiment to live in NY, completely off the grid making zero waste and using zero electricity. Without spoiling the movie for you, I'll give you a few highlights that I loved.

This family lives in the city - the city - New York.

They forgo all transportation that emits carbon-dioxide.

The wife gives up TV, makeup, toilet paper and shopping just to name a few.

They ask others to take some steps in reduction as well. I thought I would share a few steps we have taken so far and what we are pledging to do since watching the film.

No plastic water bottles

Bike wherever/whenever I can

No more cable

Buy used as often as possible

Getting to know our neighbors and live life with them

Since the film:

no more paper napkins or paper towels (i'll be making cloth ones)

no more battery powered toys

Amazing family and film. But honestly, none of that is what really moved me. Through this journey of making no impact, the family drew closer to one another, made new friends, discovered new things about themselves, and most importantly, made what I think is the biggest impact on their lives and of the film - the realization that it is all about community. What we do, how we live... it effects others. In a big way. We need one another. We need community. The way we live life now is not as God intended. Funny thing, from what I can tell, they are not believers in Jesus Christ. However, the conclusion of the movie is straight out of the Bible. Amazing. When it's truth, it's truth and there ain't no disputin' that! xo


  1. I'll have to see this! Whenever I see glimpses of God's truth in liberal media, I am so reminded of Who is really in control! No impact, certainly would have a big impact...

  2. I see the Green Movement as a religion itself, the ultimate in self-righteousness and contradictions.
    I see zero-waste and wonder...honestly? They've found a way to stop urinating & defecating? Don't they shower or do they collect rain water and shower under that?
    There is plenty good about trying to save the Earth but living in this fashion is such a drop in the bucket. When my husband comes home from his job and tells me that he made a change in the manafacturing process that would power the entire city of New York-that's change. Getting rid of toilet paper is not changing the world, that's just plain miserable and a bit gross.
    The Bible warns about gods and idolatry. I classify worshipping "Mother Earth" under those...even more so when I read their site which reads, "Observe an Eco-sabbath" and "Tithe a fixed percentage of your income" to an environmental project.
    The focus is no longer on saving souls but on saving our earth. I think we'd agree on the fact that, though it is important to take care of our planet, emphasis needs to be placed on salvation of souls which is for eternity.

  3. Grateful to have community with you, friend. Thanks for loving me and spurring me in my walk with Christ. Love, KS

  4. Juli - I agree with several of your points. In fact, they talk about a few of them in the film. The point of the film is for everyone to make changes where they can and hopefully, collectively we can leave a better world to our kids. For me, it's not just about the planet, but souls too and most importantly. This world will pass and God will create a new heaven and a new earth. Until then, I feel we should be better stewards of ALL that He has blessed us with.
    PS - I love hearing that your husband is making big changes like that at his job. Awesome.

  5. I absolutely agree with you, Brooke. I hope my post didn't seem condemning towards you. I get frustrated with films such as this. I see them for what they really are; they are profiting from their new religion. A lot of the "green movement" is such a sham- smaller containers of food/drink for the same price in the name of reducing plastic is not "green" it's called hidden inflation!
    I haven't seen the film though so I shouldn't make assumptions that they're self-righteous like many of that same religion that I've experienced. Please know that I wasn't attacking you & I definately believe in being good stewards of the Earth. It is very noble many of the steps that you're taking to make a dent. My only point was that it can be taken too far (in the case of the film) and can become a religion for some folks but I hope you know that I'm not implying that about you.


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