Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Magazines

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You've probably heard this a million times, "Garbage in, garbage out." This is so true, but it has a double meaning for me. One, what you put in is what you're gonna get back - i.e. our world and the throw away culture that we've created. And two, whatever I fill my head with is what will pour out of my heart, mouth and actions. For me, magazines created a problem, fashion magazines specifically. I used to subscribe to tons of them and slowly, I weaned myself off. I would scour over the pages and compare myself to the girls in the spreads or create a deep "need" to have, buy, acquire more stuff. Upon looking at my favorite magazines, I would become depressed and was not at all grateful for what God had blessed me with already.  The truth is that there are so many people less fortunate than me and God has given me exactly what I need for today. (In fact, much more than what I "need.") So what do you do with all those magazines lying around your home collecting dust or filling your recycle bin? Here's a look at some fun things to make.

make your own art (no. these aren't made from magazines, but they could be.)

Today I am filling my mind with truth, things that are pure, lovely, noble and worth of praise. I look to God for my worth not magazines, people or things. I have begun to take ground in this area and have reduced the garbage that goes in my mind and heart. In the process, I have reduced the garbage that goes into my recycle bin. Are magazines bad? No! Did my sin struggles make them bad for me? Yes! It's a personal journey that each of us are on, but each journey can help others as they make their own way. xo

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  1. it was the same sort of thing for me and HGTV. love those magazine ideas though!


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